Lets face it – accidents do happen. Sometimes we are responsible ourselves; other times they are the result of circumstances quite beyond our control. Repairs and maintenance is also necessary just as a result of regular use. Indeed, regular preventative maintenance is crucial for the longevity of any boat and to keep it in peak performance. It will also protect the value of your investment in your boat.

Much of our time is spent repairing and maintaining customers boats. Indeed we have become quite expert at it, and are now recognised by the insurance inductry as an authorised repairer.

We regularly carry out maintenance and repairs in both wood and fiberglass to:

We are recognised by Navigators & General as an insurance repairer, and routinely undertake work on their behalf.

Regular maintenance of your boat is essential to keep it in peak condition. This can include annual repainting, replacement of old of malfunctioning items, through to a full overhaul. We can undertake all these things for you.

Are you fed up of following the fleet around the course? Do you think it should perform better than it does? Do your friends go faster through the water than you do? Then the time has come for you to get your boat professionally tuned or even consider tradeing up so that you get the most out of it. This is not complex, nor necessarily expensive, but it does take experience and expertise to do well: experience that we, at John Parker Boats, can provide for you.

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